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Gladiator Training

Gladiator Training

In Rome the spirit and ethos of the ancient city is everywhere. The ruins of the Forum, the Palatine Hill, the Circus Maximus, all evoke the lives of those who once lived here at the centre of an empire. At the Rome Cavalieri guests can experience the world of the gladiators who fought and often died in the Coliseum two thousand years ago.

In the private park of the hotel, overlooking the Rome skyline, instructors from Rome's Gladiatorial School will instruct guests in their ancient combat techniques as well as explaining something of the life and times of the gladiators. Available on request, and open to all guests over the age of seven, the course is a wonderful mix of sport and culture. A gladiator kit is included with traditional tunic, Roman sandals, belt, protective gloves, and wooden training sword, and on completion students are presented with a medal declaring them a tiro or first level gladiator.

  • For reservations or for more information please contact the Concierge in writing either
  • by email on concierge.rome@hilton.com
  • or by fax on +39 06 3509 2241